Engraving Information

When buying on our website please leave your engraving instructions in the shopping cart,
alternatively you are welcome to phone in the entire order on 07532 765 209

Please choose the font you require from the drop down menu when adding an item to your shopping cart,
our engraving fonts are listed below and on every shopping cart in our online store.
Our experienced engravers will choose how your engraving is layed out, we may add or take away any special characters including but not limited to

 ! "   £ $ % ^ & * ( ) ? / ' @ ; : . > , < ~ # } { ] [ / - + . *


We will spell check your message and make any neccassary changes so that your engraving is as grammatically correct as possible within the confinds of the font you have chosen.
We understand that some jokes only ring true when they are spelt a certain way, if you require something spelling a strange way then please tell us about this in the 'COMMENTS / INSTRUCTIONS' box  when you checkout.

... just put something like "please dont change spellings"

All of the engraving we offer is computerised engraving to ensure a faultless job every time, we have invested a small fortune on the equipment we use so that you can be sure your engraving and gifts are perfect every time. Most of the engraving we do is computerised drag diamond engraving but we also offer computerised tungsten rotary engraving on some items and a few jobs are engraved with a computerised 9 point pin matrix engraving system.

While you wait engraving is also available in our retail store, we can also engrave your own items.
Prices for engraving on customers own items in our shop are as follows:

  • Flat items = From £6.95
  • Cylindrical Items = From £9.99
  • Glass & Crystal From £25.00 (2-4 Week service)

Logos are charged at £30 if we have to create them or £10 if you can send them to us as a plt file

Discounts are always given on bulk orders, particularly wedding and corporate orders.

If you are buying your gifts online and need a discount code all you have to do is like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and you will have access to all of our discount vouchers/codes which you then enter in the checkout when buying your goods.

Our engraving service is totally bespoke and done to your specifications, not only on our own engraveable merchandise but also on our customers own items as well.

So what materials can we engrave?
Basically if it is made of any kind of metal or plastic we can engrave it the same day ! Glass and Crystal will take 2-4 weeks