Love Locks

Engraved love locks are fast becoming one of our best sellers. Love locks began as a way to symbolise the permenent union of 2 lovers. Many hundreds of thousands of people have a love lock engraved before an anniversary, Honeymoon, weekend away or daytrip, the idea is to have your personal details engraved on the lock (names, dates, quotes) whatever is personal and meaningful to you as a couple. Then you lock the item to a famous landmark, usually a bridge or monument, this symolises your "eternal locked love" there are various bridges all over the world where the authorities are faced with having to structurally re-inforce them to hold the extra weight that thousands upon thousands of extra locks can collectively bring. Love locks began as a fad amoungst lovers but we are now seeing a trend whereby they are used as a memorial as well. We engrave so many where customers want to attach a padlock with a loving message to their dear departed family members favourite place, sometimes its a bench overlooking a lake it could be their seat at a football ground, we have heard of people attaching them to a particular seat in a bingo hall, a pub chair, a favourite plant, we have had them on the gates at Alton Towers, weve had people take them up Blackpool Tower or lock them to the pier at Scarborough, Brighton and Great Yarmouth. The point being that these can be adapted to fit any location a love lock really can be a good tool in the healing process, to lock one of these reminders to your lost friend of family members favourite or secret place with a message of undying love can be a very touching moment indeed.