Valentine's Day Gifts

Say "I Love You" with the perfect engraved Valentines Day gift. Our love locks are an incredible purchase to make for that extra little touch for your romantic weekend away together - so what are love locks? Love locks are in their simplest form a padlock, the way they are used is to have your name engraved on them with a message and or date, then when you are on your romantic weekend away you lock the padlock to a bridge or other lovers monument symbolising your eternal love is locked together. Love locks have been used all over the world for decades, there are bridges in Paris, Venice, Tokyo, Rome, New York, and London where the structural integrety of the bridge or monument has been called into question due to the extra weight tens of thousands of padlocks collectively produce. Recent developments means they are now available in love heart shapes, millions of customers world wide have bought love locks they continue to grow and expand are are now being used as memorial locks on occasion